This Yarn Advent is dyed onto a Cotton 4ply or 8ply yarn base with three options;

  • Full advent 4ply - 24 x 20g mini skeins + 100g skein (total of 580g yarn approx 2122m)
  • Half advent 4ply - 12 x 20g mini skeins + 100g skein available in ‘Day’ or ‘Night’ versions (total of 340g yarn approx 1244m). 
  • Full advent 8ply - 24 x 20g mini skeins + 100g skein (total of 580g yarn approx 1403m)


The advent will contain the following;

  • 24 or 12 individually wrapped mini skeins with each colourway inspired by an hour of the day. The half advents will be 7am to 6pm for the ‘Day’ set or 7pm to 6am for the ‘Night’ set.
  • 100g skein designed to coordinate with the other yarns in the advent.
  • Several surprises spread throughout the advent. Some of the surprises will be customised to be appropriate for your craft. Please write your preferred craft in the custom text field.


Yarn details:

Cotton 4ply:

  • 100%  Cotton approx 335m/100g
  • 27 st per 10cm
  • 3mm needles


Cotton 8ply:

  • 100% Cotton approx 242m/100g
  • 22 st per 10cm
  • 4mm needles


Base Yarn is sourced from Bendigo Woolen Mills.

Yarn Advent 2021 Cotton

Hand dyed yarn Australia Threaded Embrace